A Resource for Self-Directed Learners, Homeschoolers, and Unschoolers.

For those who choose to learn outside of the Status Quo & Mainstream Media.

Responsibly Free School is in Native English

for all Ages and for Native & Non-Native English Users.

Resource For Your Source. Use Me to Become More You. I Aspire to Inspire.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else

is the greatest accomplishment. Our chief want is someone who will

inspire us to be what we know we could be." Ralph Waldo Emerson

“What Humans must be to become truly Human, they can be;

this Work I call Self-Actualisation.” Jack of All Free Trades


Responsibly Free School is Your Free Friend Tutor, Jack

I am a mature, adult, Self-Directed Learner with a very wide range of Life

and Learning experiences. I love Ideas and Learning and have been sharing

my Free Mind since 1993 when I first started teaching in

Adult Community Education in Queensland, Australia.

From 2003 I have taught in China, Chile and now New Zealand.

My main audience will be those who value

“Self-Directed Learning” and have chosen to learn outside of

Government School Systems and Mainstream Corporations and Media.

I work with all ages (5 to 99+) and all beliefs (Religious to Atheist)

including those for whom English is a non-native language.

View my Online sites, CV, and Criminal Record Check for my personal credibility.

Tutoring charges are $25NZD per hour

or a weekly/monthly Subscription Service with the cost varying

according to number of participants and frequency of meetings--

both with a Pay-As-You-Can-Afford fee to be negotiated if required. 

No extra charge for downloads of all digital materials—yours to own.

I have my own Zoom account and I think you will find this 

a wonderfully interactive communication tool as I do.

It will be like we are next to each other in person.

Together we can play videos, visuals, PowerPoints and 

search the Internet to find the resources you most need.

My primary Learning Materials in the Five Disciplines come from: 

Academy of Ideas; Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom; 

Ron Paul Home School; The Montessori Foundation; Prager University; 

The Voluntaryist; The Library of Economics and Liberty; Online Library of Liberty; 

Mises Institute; Foundation for Economic Education; Libertarianism; Reason;

Jaak Panksepp; Nathaniel Brandon; William Glasser; Thomas Gordon;

Prepare Enrich; Self-Determination Theory; Corbett Report;

Transactional Analysis; The Alliance for Self-Directed Education;

Alternative Education Resource Organization…among others.

For learning English: Linguahouse; One Stop English.

As a certified Instructor I offer the Parent Effectiveness Training program online: 


Contact Jack: ResponsiblyFree@protonmail.com 

The Philosophy of Liberty by Kerry Pearson