Jack of All Free Trades is a Philosopher--Lover of Wisdom

Hi, this is Jack in Auckland, New Zealand. I am a "Philosopher", and guess what, I think you are one too, no matter what your age.

Many of us think a Philosopher is a university professor who smokes a pipe and teaches strange topics like "Metaphysics" to PhDs. 

Not me. I live the etymological 

meaning of the word:

Philo = Love + Sopher = Wisdom, thus a Philosopher is a "Lover of Wisdom".

I Am What I Teach: The Love of Wisdom and the Wisdom of Love. 

That is Me and I hope it is You too.

And what is Wisdom? Two words: Responsible Freedom. 

Together we will explore that question and my answer by reading books and viewing visuals on whatever topics you choose among the five Learning Disciplines: 1.Humanities 2.Social Sciences 3.Natural Sciences 4.Formal Sciences 5.Applied Sciences. 

We will discuss the ideas and talk together about what we do and don't understand. I will give you many resources to continue your exploration of whatever topics that light your fire that I stand by to fan.

View my Work Records, Videos, Websites and Criminal Record Check for New Zealand. I want you to feel secure with me. Feel free to ask me any questions. 

My Motto: Nothing to Conceal; Nothing to Reveal; 

Only the Real with which to Deal.

Why Jack of All Free Trades?

I Facilitate Learning rather than Teach. I help you help yourself.

True Education is the Fanning of Flames not the Filling of a Pail.

I Aspire to Inspire.

You choose the Discipline and Topics therein to Learn. Then, together, MInd in Mind, we explore the relevant Ideas.

I become a Resource for your Source. I am a Generalist. I know a little about a lot as my name "Jack of All Trades" implies.

What I don't know I usually know where to find it and will probably have digital books on what you are interested in.

I use the Communication Techniques from Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) by Thomas Gordon which include: The Behavior Window; Active Listening; I Messages; & 6 Step Conflict Resolution.