Learning English the Natural Way with Jack
For All Ages and All Levels--Children, Adults, Professionals, Executives.

I prefer to use the “Natural Approach” by Stephen Krashen in teaching English.

I do not teach English directly in terms of grammar, syntax, etc.

Rather, I provide topics and content which are interesting and important

and in reading and discussing these English is learned indirectly.

Krashen's research shows English is learned more effectively this way.

I have 18 years experience teaching ages 3 to 65+ English 

as well as the Arts, Humanities & Business subjects in English.

I have taught in China (12 years), Chile (2 years), and New Zealand (4 years).

In China I taught EFL courses for universities, institutes

and corporations both private and State owned.

I developed and delivered innovative courses incorporating

Personality Type, Learning Styles, and the use of Internet resources.

I created and delivered courses on cultural differences,

management, marketing and organizational behavior

as well as trained trainers to deliver these.

I researched and delivered seminars on

East/West cognitive and cultural differences

for Chinese city governments and universities such as Tsinghua in Beijing.

I taught business courses to Chinese high school graduates

to prepare them to attend universities in Australia.

I worked with clients to prepare them for IELTS and TOFEL examinations

as well as helping students apply and prepare for entering universities

in the U.S.A, U.K. and Canada.

I did executive coaching as a new way of teaching English on top corporate levels.

As a profession editor I worked with businesses

on their promotions and graduate students on their theses.

My approach is based on in depth, international scientific research

and consideration for individual and cultural learning differences.

My expertise is in interpersonal communication skills—

I was a former counsellor and educator for organizations

such as Relationships Australia and Palliative Care Queensland.

My strength as a teacher-consultant-coach is to create a learning environment

in which participants feel both challenged and supported.

I subscribe to the two wonderful resources below.

Both are crammed with thousands of articles and planned lessons 

on every conceivable topic complete with answers, videos, audios, etc.

Stephen Krashen's Natural Approach


Innovation In Learning

Resources and Tools for ESL teachers, students and language schools.


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  • Type of English: Business English; English for Special Purposes; General English.
  • Level: All; Elementary (A1-A2); Pre-Intermediate (A2-B1); Intermediate (B1-B2); Upper-Intermediate (B2-C1); Advanced (C1-C2); Mixed levels.
  • Lesson time: All; 15; 30; 45; 60.

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Jack, Executive English Coach, Learning English through the Natural Approach

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